Productivity in Uncertain Times Through the Elastic Digital Workplace

20 de Marzo de 2020
Categoría: Seguridad

A practical guide of actions your business should take now
Covid-19: What to Do Now, What to Do Next

No industry is immune. All are grappling with the immediate impacts of COVID-19 in varying degrees of severity and complexity. Travel and tourism companies are experiencing the largest hit to their business since 9/11. Retail and consumer goods organizations are dealing with stock shortages due to production delays, disrupted manufacturing, and broken supply chains. Industry and technology conferences, along with large group gatherings, are being postponed or cancelled entirely.

To protect their people, organizations are implementing travel bans, restricting who they let into their offices, and reexamining how their workplaces operate, and how their people work.

Experts do not know how long it will take to contain the virus. Leaders must prepare for the short-term while also developing new capabilities and ways of working that will seamlessly enable longer-term changes to how they operate.

The time to act is now. This document outlines the practical steps you should take to get started.


Descarga aquí la publicación de Accenture completa y conoce cómo proteger a tu equipo y su productividad a través de un lugar de trabajo digital y elástico, y cómo empezar a hacerlo.