Rapid Response.
A pragmatic approach to maintaining supply chain resilience in times of uncertainty.
Navigating the human and business impact of COVID-19

19 de Marzo de 2020
Categoría: Seguridad

Coronavirus risks are overwhelming the virtual lifeline to humanity

Descarga aquí la publicación de Accenture completa, conoce algunos de los retos para la cadena de suministro, y cómo desarrollar un plan de acción de rápida respuesta para enfrenta la disrupción actual y fortalecer las operaciones.


This health and humanitarian emergency presents a serious threat to people across the planet. Business leaders must make rapid decisions, and take immediate actions to sustain business operations to serve their customers, clients and communities, as well as protect and support their workers.

For the supply chain function, the virtual lifeline to humanity, the criticality of maintaining operations is heightened during these events. The supply chain is critical in getting goods and services quickly, safely and securely to all customer types and more-so those who are quarantined, self-isolating or who are working at the frontline of the medical response.

Although it is currently a difficult time, the supply chains that are able to immediately mobilize their COVID-19 response and take swift, ‘no-regret’ actions will be in a better position post-event, with a stronger, and more resilient supply chain going forward.